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Interview with José Castiano (By Sara Araújo)

Interview with José Castiano by Sara Araújo


Short Biography:
José Castiano holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Hamburg. He is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education at the Pedagogical University of Mozambique (UP) and Pro-Rector for UP Postgraduate, Research and Extension Programmes. Among the positions held at UP are the Scientific Board of the University, the Postgraduate Studies Centre and the coordination of the working groups for the establishment of an MA and Ph.D. in Education and a Ph.D. He thus coordinates the cooperation between UP and several universities in Portuguese-speaking countries. In January 2015 he was elected Chair of the International Association of Social and Human Sciences of Portuguese Language. He has published several books and articles in international journals. His main research activity focuses on Endogenous/Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Africa.