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Decolonising Europe. Human Rights and Other Grammars of Human Dignity from The Perspectives of The South Inside The North

Researcher name: Julia Suárez-Krabbe

The epistemologies found among decolonial social movements of the different European countries contribute substantially to an alternative thinking of alternatives in face of today’s interlocking crises (of the environment, of ‘multiculturalism’ and the economic crisis). Through highly participative methodologies, the Project explores, discusses, and theorizes the contributions of the Parti des Indigenes de la Republique in France, the Black Dutch Movement in Holland, the Islamic Human Rights Commission in the United Kingdom, and the Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores in Andalucía in regard to human rights, including Economic, Social and Cultural rights. In this manner, the research also, in a more indirect manner, involves these movements’ contributions to the democratization of democracy, interculturality and alternative economies.

Keywords: Human Rights; Coloniality; Democracy; Decolonial Social Movements; Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Europe
Countries of reference: Spain, France, United Kingdom