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Can the Right to the City Be Emancipatory? Presences, Absences and Emergences in the Construction of the Right to the City in Brazil

Researcher name: Eva García Chueca

Over the last decades, the right to the city has become a political claim of several urban social movements, first in Brazil and later within the framework of the World Social Forum. Considering the growing interest this concept has awaken among transnational civil society, it is relevant to know to what extent the right to the city is a cosmopolitan tool (contra-hegemonic and intercultural). Although the right to the city has been the object of study by several scholars, it has not been explored from a postcolonial standpoint and from the approach of critical legal sociology. This will be an added value to this research, which will aim at exploring what type of intercultural dialogue has taken place on the right to the city and what are its main absences and emergences in terms of actors and political struggles in Brazil. Albeit this will be the object of the fieldwork, the research will use two analytical anchors: the case of France and the World Charter for the Right to the City.

Keywords: Right to the City, Sociology of Absences, Ecology of Knowledges, Cosmopolitan Legality, Art, Afro-Descendent Feminist Movements, Brazil
Countries of reference: Brazil