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Land and The Social (and Micro) Movements in Contemporary India: Diverse Trajectories, Horizontal Relations and New Patterns of Mobilization

Researcher name: Dhruv Pande

The Research Project begins with a dialogue between the theoretical trajectories of Boaventura de Sousa Santos and those of and from India. Subsequently, the Project proceeds by working out the theoretical formulations onto the crisis-situations arising out of Land (deriving ‘ecology of knowledges’ herein) and their relation to social (and micro) movements, especially in rural and semi-urban India. Hence, this Project addresses a new epistemology with land as ‘signifier’, wherein starting with the basic definition of ‘land’ leading up to what is a ‘complex’ land, imbibing a diversity of equations, questions and narratives, especially in the Indian Context.  It will look into the new patterns of mobilization, application of ‘Intercultural Translation’ within India (diverse conceptions and utility of Land in different ‘contexts’), coalitions or alliances among them and its further implications on Identity Politics pertaining to caste, gender, farmers and tribes among diverse geographies of India.

Keywords: Land in India, Micro-Movements, Caste-Upliftment, Women-Initiatives, Farmers’ Collectives, Tribal Land Rights
Countries of reference: India