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Human rights and other grammars of human dignity

Notwithstanding the abstract universalism of human rights – which stems from disregarding the plurality of conceptions on human dignity- it became the language of progressive politics. Not even the cleavage between principles and practice which escorts human rights discourse challenged its hegemony during the last two decades. Facing this dilemma, we believe that to be of use for a progressive and emancipatory politics, human rights must unfold its Eurocentric profile to intercultural dialogues and encompass other grammars of human dignity. Focusing on four world regions (Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America) ALICE project will explore various conceptions of human dignity, comparing realities present across different regions and scales: local, national and regional.

Below, some contributions to expand the discussion.


Beyond Transitional Justice: on Pluralist Co-Existence ‘After’ Conflict; Lessons from The South Legal Discourses Within Contact Zones. A Study of The Struggles for Women Rights and Access to Land in Mozambique and South AfricaSpicing Life, Unpacking Struggles: Food Knowledges, Food Rights and The Possibilities of Counterhegemonic Intercultural TranslationDecolonising Europe. Human Rights and Other Grammars of Human Dignity from The Perspectives of The South Inside The NorthCan the Right to the City Be Emancipatory? Presences, Absences and Emergences in the Construction of the Right to the City in BrazilLand and The Social (and Micro) Movements in Contemporary India: Diverse Trajectories, Horizontal Relations and New Patterns of MobilizationWhat Counts as 'Women's Human Rights'? How Brazilian Black Women's and Feminist NGOs Mobilize International Human Rights LawSouthern Bodies in Northern Wars: Disability as Testimony of ViolenceAids and Modernity in Diffraction: Looking at an Epitome Disease from The South Within The Horizon of an ‘Ecology Of Knowledges’ in Health and a Subaltern Cosmopolitan Bioethics

Other contributions

Boaventura de Sousa santos – Why Epistemologies of the South?

Advanced seminar, in Portuguese. University of Coimbra School of Economics, 09.03.2012.

Boaventura de Sousa Santos takes as his starting point the idea that social experience throughout the world is much wider and more varied than western scientific or philosophical tradition understands or considers important. Re...


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