International Scholars Condemn the Attack on Faculty and Students of Central University of Haryana

Over 70 UK and Europe-based scholars concerned with South Asia have written a letter to the Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Haryana. They have condemned the September 21, 2016 attack on…


The Sociologist of Informal Labour: Sharit Bhowmik, 1948-2016

Sharit Bhowmik, sociologist well known for his studies in labor and especially on the informal sector, passed away September 8 in Bangkok. eSocialSciences 9 Sep 2016 He was in a coma for some…


Kashmir Burns, Again

A hundred and twelve lives, most of them young, some very young, were lost in Kashmir when the army, paramilitaries and police forces opened fire on several occasions from June to September in…


Choice, Agency and the Naming of Names – The Trap of ‘Immediate Identities’ and the Vision of a Democratic Revolution

Every struggle goes through highs and lows. The students who are part of the movements that are spreading out of universities in India – Hyderabad Central University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jadavpur University…


Rebellion as contagion: What the High Court possibly meant when it spoke of an infection

An insight into what happens when a harmonious society of ‘obedient students’ and ‘patriotic citizens’ witnesses a disruption. Aman Sethi 05 Mar 2016 Justice Pratibha Rani grants bail to Kanhaiya Kumar: Whenever…

Click on image to access Intolerance Tracker

Tracking Intolerance in South Asia

Intolerance Tracker is an online platform to collect, aggregate, and map stories of intolerance across South Asia. These stories cover instances of discrimination that individuals or communities face based on their affiliation with…

Public Meeting, JNU, 13th February

Spring Comes to JNU: Love, Laughter and Rage

February is a beautiful time of the year in Delhi. It inaugurates Basant, spring, the season for love. And it is made more beautiful by an incandescent, insurgent spirit, that spreads in the…


Bridges connecting Mozambique and Goa

The Portuguese reached Mozambique in the Indian Ocean, on the African Coast, and India at the same time. In fact, Vasco da Gama set there months before he arrived in India, in 1498….


Ask Boaventura #20 – Escuta Profunda

Pergunta: A ‘escuta profunda’ a que se refere tem a ver com conceitos existenciais da ‘presença do self’ e de pensadores não-dualistas como J. Krishnamurti? (Angelo G. Mongiovi, Brasil) Envie sua pergunta via:…


The Land Ordinance (now Bill) is Bringing Back the Colonial Legacy: NAPM

The Real Battle is between Farmers and Land Grabbing Corporates and BJP, not between Bharat and Pakistan! Kafila By Nivedita Menon 1 March 2015 Statement from National Alliance of People’s Movements Forcible land…

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