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Programme and Cultural Agenda of ALICE International Colloquium

In the framework of the ALICE Project – Strange Mirrors, Unsuspected Lessons: Leading Europe to a new way of sharing the world experiences, the International Colloquium Epistemologies of the South – South-South, South-North and North-South Global Learnings challenges participants to consider that an understanding of the world is much broader than a Western understanding and that therefore the possibilities for social emancipation may be different from those legitimised by the Western canon. This is the essential challenge: we do not need alternatives, but an alternative way of thinking about alternatives.

Clique aqui para baixar o programa científico (pdf).
Click here to download the scientific programme (pdf).
Pulse aquí para descargar el programa cientifico (pdf).

Clique aqui para baixar a agenda cultural (pdf).
Click here to download the cultural programme (pdf).
Pulse aquí para descargar la agenda cultural (pdf).