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Sowing Mirrors in the Darkness of Perspectives – ALICE in the City – Mário Vitória

Period: From June 27 to July 13
Exhibition Opening: June 27
Opening for artistic street intervention and catalogue : July 2
Venues: Paço das Escolas, Centre for Social Studies, Escadas Monumentais, Praça da República, Machado de Castro Museum, Café Santa Cruz, Chiado Museum, Pinho Dinis Gallery, Teatro Académico Gil Vicente and Faculty of Economics of the university of Coimbra
Artist: Mário Vitória

Visual extension of the Colloquium, this intervention trails its routes of possible worlds. The satire, irony, allegory and metaphor are the broth to the visual narrative that will emerge over several pieces scattered in different spaces Coimbra. Emphasizing the tenure of the name “Alice”, highlighting the challenging and suggestive metaphors of the “strangers mirrors”, the “wonderful” and the “terrible”, one can speak of a performance of sketches and stains (paintings, drawings, projections and objects), where seemingly irreconcilable images arise which in turn call to new meanings of a realistic utopia of the various meanings of resistance, dignity and struggle against oppression.