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(Video) “The Americas: Social Movements and Resistance against US Imperialism”

International Coloquim: Reinventing The Social: Movements and Narratives of Resistance, Dissension, and Reconciliation in the Americas

To capture the Zeitgeist of our time, 4 snapshots were presented to show the expansion of the hegemony of neoliberalism: 1. The peer-reviewed publication of Bruce Gilley’s “The Case for Colonialism” (a defense of colonialism and the need to retrieve it) in Third World Quarterly and its subsequent withdrawal; 2. The entangled action of the US think tank Atlas Network and the Koch brothers against leftist programs and governments in Latin America; 3. The increase of poverty and the growing number of assassinations of leaders in Latin America. To be able to understand this new liberal hegemony it is crucial to focus on the new forms of US imperialism; It is also necessary to understand the articulation among the three main modes of westerncentric domination: capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy. Among other things, resistance involves an epistemologic transformation which the author has been designating as epistemologies of the south