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“Charlie Hebdo: some tough quandaries” – Global Dialogue – Newsletter for the International Sociological Association

Please find Boaventura’s article in the new issue of Global Dialogue: “Charlie Hebdo: Some Tough Quandaries”

Volume 5, Issue 1

Full issue available in english | french | spanish | chinese (traditional)|chinese (simplified) | farsi |arabic |japanese | russian|polish| turkish|romanian| kazakh|




Editorial: On Being a Public Sociologist, by Burawoy Michael, Editor

Charlie Hebdo: Some Tough Quandaries, by Sousa Santos Boaventura de

Two Roads to Public Sociology, by Yuval-Davis Nira

A Life of Critical Engagement: An Interview with Issa Shivji, by Nyamsenda Sabatho, Shivji Issa

Capitalism vs. Climate Justice, by Docena Herbert

Practicing Public Sociology, by Hanemaayer Ariane, Schneider Christopher J.

Re-claiming the Right to the City: Popular Mobilization in Chile, by Escoffier Simón

Squatters and Politics in Uruguay, by Rivadulla María José Álvarez

The Growth of Brazil’s Homeless Workers’ Movement, by Dal’Bó André, Rizek Cibele

Poor People’s Protests in South Africa, by Naidoo Prishani

Zambia: Evictions without Social Movements, by Muyeba Singumbe

Fablabs and Hackerspaces: A New Culture in the Making, by Berrebi-Hoffmann Isabelle, Bureau Marie-Christine, Lallement Michel

Pursuing Gender Equality in a “Multi-Active Society”, by Fusulier Bernard, Nicole-Drancourt Chantal

Negotiating Chronic Illness at Work, by Brugeilles Frédéric, Hermand Cathy, Huez Guillaume, Lénel Pierre, Lhuilier Dominique, Mezza Joëlle,Waser Anne-Marie

Celebrating Democracy in Indonesia, by Kusumadewi Lucia Ratih

Corporatizing Indonesian Higher Education, by Sunarto Kamanto

Labor Movements and Working-Class Politics in Indonesia, by Nugroho Hari

When Religion Becomes Legal Identity, by Cahyadi Antonius

Stimulating Upward Mobility in Indonesia, by Pattinasarany Indera Ratna Irawati