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Cinema Series – Democracy and Restlessness (video of the debate)

Cinema Series – Democracy and Restlessness

Film session and debate: “Acima das nossas possibilidades” [Above our possibilities] by Pedro Neves and “Conversas do mundo” [Conversations of the World] by Boaventura de Sousa Santos & Pedro Neves
Debate with the Pedro Neves, Sara Araújo and José Manuel Pureza

(video in Portuguese)

April 30, 2015, 21h30, Cerca de S. Bernardo theatre | Coimbra

In the documentary “Acima das Nossas Possibilidades” [Above Our Possibilities] [Portugal, 2014, 43, M/6] there are people. Living people who never lived beyond their means. People that lived, at best, below all possibilities, surviving above all possibilities. And people that witnessed their meager incomes diminish, faced eviction from their rooms and houses. People of flesh and blood living day-by-day in uncertainty of a meal, of a night spent with a roof over their heads. We live beyond our means, they told us. Welcome to reality.

The “Conversas do Mundo” [Conversations of the World] [Portugal, 2014, 33', M /12] put face to face men or women with varied backgrounds who share lives dedicated to the struggle for human dignity or to reflection on the world problems, even if from different places of enunciation. In light of the idea that understanding the world far exceeds the Western understanding of the world, these conversations do not intend to homogenize the difference, but to promote the valorization and sharing of the infinite diversity of the world. Conversations of the World are the result of a challenge of the project “ALICE – Strange Mirrors, Unsuspected Lessons” directed by Boaventura de Sousa Santos and based at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra. The film brings together moments from Conversations of the World held in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa, India and Bolivia.