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(video) Alice Advanced Seminar – “Epistemologies of the South in sociology of law: post-abyssal approaches to legal pluralism”

Seminar: Epistemologies of the South in sociology of law: post-abyssal approaches to legal pluralism
10, May, 2017

Abstract: Epistemologies of the South and its epistemological instruments, such as sociology of absences and emergencies, or founding metaphors such as the abyssal line, shed light on various issues of sociology of law regarding epistemological and methodological decolonisation and the broadening of the legal canon. Based on empirically founded studies, this seminar will reflect on the concept of legal pluralism and some of its main debates in light of the challenges involved in the construction of post-abyssal legal thinking.

Presentation of João Paulo Dias and Maria Paula Meneses

Rebuilding roots and decolonising realities: the indigenous struggle in Brazil today by Gabriela de Freitas Figueiredo Rocha

Advocacies in the Global South and territorial struggles: an approach to the debate on legal pluralism by Flávia Carlet

Post-abyssal cartographies: mapping legal plurality in Lisbon and Maputo by Sara Araújo

El caleidoscopio se complejiza: jurisdicción indígena y otras jurisdicciones en Colombia
by Begoña Dorronsoro

Xch’ayel Ot’anil, Reivindicando la fuerza del perdón: Dos casos de intento de homicidio por la herencia de la tierra a mujeres tseltales
by Laura Edith Saavedra Hernández

Justices and reconciliations: how to remake humanity in contexts marked by multiple violence?
by Maria Paula Meneses