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(Video) Seminar by Maria Paula Meneses – Encountering Flavors, Discussing Knowledges: Challenging the Centre

A seminar as part of the Borders and Bodies research theme at the School, with guest speaker Maria Paula Meneses.

Kitchens are huge laboratories which pose questions about how and where we create dialogues in the world, searching for other (non-Western) epistemological connections. Preparing food, the act of cooking, combines mutually intelligible knowledge and practices found in distinct identity groups. The taste, textures and sequences of dishes are essential to retrieving the history, geography and other knowledge shared within and between cultures, a process where women play a key role. As social laboratories, kitchens and food processing possesses immense potential to enlarge the ecology of knowledge, following the theoretical and methodological challenge posed by postcolonial critiques and the epistemologies of the South, as this presentation seeks to discuss.

Video in English here.

More informations about this event here.