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(Video) Trailer of Documentary “Utopic Show”



Utopic Show tells the story of a production born from the yearning of bringing together languages and reasons typically unmet. In the hours before the premiere, the relationship between science, art and social transformation is experienced and contemplated. What lies behind a curtain that challenges the boundaries between popular culture and high culture, the narratives of the university and the street, the expressions of the periphery and the centre? The show is guided by the utopias of horizontality and complementarity of knowledges, equality in difference, the transformation of relations of power into relations of shared authority. Key moment of the project ALICE – Strange Mirrors, Unsuspected Lessons: Leading Europe to a new way of sharing the world experiences of the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, the show “Alice in the City: Social Sciences, Rap and More” is consistent with the proposal of the Epistemologies of the South and wagers on the commitment in achieving an ecology of knowledges, valuing knowledges born of social struggles and promoting a broader understanding of the world, without losing sight of the horizon of social transformation.