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Photos of “Alice in the City: Social Sciences, Rap and More”

Alice in the City: Social Sciences, Rap and More

More photos here.

This show stems from the yearning of bringing together art and science, interconnecting languages and reasons/emotions typically unmet. Musicians, storytellers, poets, social scientists will stage a challenge of the boundaries between popular culture and high culture, the narratives of the university and the street, the expressions of the periphery and the centre. Rap, slam poetry, funk, kuduro, gypsy music and storytelling will get together in an unpredictable ecology of knowledges. Featuring Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Banda Linha Abissal (a CES PhD students musical project), Hezbó MC (rapper, composer), Jackson Soul Jah (rapper), Favela 31 (youth project fusing languages familiar to them, such as kuduro, funk and gypsy music), José Craveiro (storyteller, master of knowledges and flavours), LBC Soldjah (rapper, linguist, researcher), Mynda Guevara (rapper, one of the many proofs that women hold ground in rap), Mick Mengucci (musician, performer and multimedia engineer), Nuno Piteira (poet, performer, video artist), O Gringo Sou Eu (a project by Frankão, a Brazilian musician e composer, with influences from hip-hop, reggae, Miami Bass and funk carioca), Raquel Lima (author, poet, Poetry Slam movement activist), Raul Alvares (author, poet, Poetry Slam movement activist).