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Book “Heading South – Blindness in the Spirit of Place” by Bruno Sena Martins

“Sentido Sul – A Cegueira no Espírito do Lugar” [ "Heading South - Blindness in the Spirit of Place"] by Bruno Sena Martins
Colection: CES/Almedina | Series: ‘Identidades e Interculturalidades’ (2013)



Traveling South, to meet the reality of blind people in Mozambique, the author analyzes the implications of a conception of blindness closely linked to socioespiritual dynamics. This book narrates a cultural framework in which, in the end, “there is no blindness without sorcery”. From an ethnographic foray between “lives of blindness”, Bruno Sena Martins brings out a multiple body that puts into place the “sorcery” through which Western modernity invented the notion of disability. This is a path that seeks to put the blindness in the context of located resistances: bodies and stories claiming for cultures less certain of their senses.

Foreword by Miguel Vale de Almeida.

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