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ALICE Research Projects

The project ALICE seeks to re-think and renovate socio-scientific knowledge in light of the epistemologies of the South, proposed by Boaventura de Sousa Santos. The objective is to develop new theoretical and political paradigms of social transformation. For more info click here. Below the personal research projects of ALICE researcher.

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Democratising democracy | Transformative constitutionalism, interculturality and State reform | Other economies | Human rights and other grammars of human dignity

‘Women InPower Women’: The Art of The Ku Patsa: Justice, Dignity and Good Living in Non-Capitalist Socio-Economical Women’s Strategies

Researcher name: Teresa Cunha
'Women inpower Women’ states for the epistemological principle of the impossibility of the totalitarian hegemony of one over the pluriversal experiences of the world. This research project aims to discern, comprehend, analyze and get lessons from women’s social and economical practices that are resisting and operating against the contemporary hegemony of neoliberal thought...  Photo Credits: Personal Archive
Thematic Areas:
Other economies

Saying no to Absences, Saying yes to Emergencies: from Solidarity Markets to Indigenous Exchange Circuits

Researcher name: Luciane Lucas dos Santos
This research project aims to develop a ‘new’ critical and post-colonial theory on consumption, through the analysis of alternative forms of consumption and economic organization that highlights a ‘new’ relation with different temporalities and knowledges...  Photo Credits: Personal Archive
Thematic Areas:
Other economies

Under The Razor's Edge: State-Society Relations – Advances, Retreats and Contradictions Amidst Possibilities of State Reform – The Case of the Brazilian State (2003-2013)

Researcher name: Aline Mendonça dos Santos
The research seeks to investigate the Brazilian State, with a view to establish the types of political reforms undertaken during the last three administrations of the Federal Government under the auspices of the Labour Party (PT) and the respective party alliances... Photo Credits: Guilherme Jófili, Fred Cintra e Felipe Fagundes
Thematic Areas:
Other economies