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(English) Can the Right to the City Be Emancipatory? Presences, Absences and Emergences in the Construction of the Right to the City in Brazil

(English) Researcher name: Eva García Chueca
(English) Over the last decades, the right to the city has become a political claim of several urban social movements, first in Brazil and later within the framework of the World Social Forum. Considering the growing interest this concept has awaken among transnational civil society, it is relevant to know to what extent the right to the city is a cosmopolitan tool...  Photo Credits: Santi Suso Ribera
(English) Thematic Areas:
Human rights and other grammars of human dignity

(English) Comparative Study of Social Transformative Practices, Its Outreach and Meanings Extracted from The Brazilian and South African Constitutions

(English) Researcher name: Élida Lauris
(English) This research project addresses the dilemmas between authority and recognition, conservative and transformative uses and meanings of the state constitution and its outreach. Taking as start point, the processes of state reconstruction in Brazil – that culminated in the promulgation of 1988 Brazilian constitution and in South Africa...  Photo Credits: Thiago Melo e Xevi X
(English) Thematic Areas:
Transformative constitutionalism

(English) Land and The Social (and Micro) Movements in Contemporary India: Diverse Trajectories, Horizontal Relations and New Patterns of Mobilization

(English) Researcher name: Dhruv Pande
(English) The Research Project begins with a dialogue between the theoretical trajectories of Boaventura de Sousa Santos and those of and from India. Subsequently, the Project proceeds by working out the theoretical formulations onto the crisis-situations arising out of Land (deriving ‘ecology of knowledges’ herein) and their relation to social (and micro) movements...  Photo Credits: Personal Archive
(English) Thematic Areas:
Human rights and other grammars of human dignity

(English) Gandhian Democratisation: An Account Against Political Colonisation

(English) Researcher name: Cristiano Gianolla
(English) Representative democracy is a political system encompassing both theoretical and empirical limitations in realising the principle of democracy as power of the people. The sustainability of this system is based on the “political colonisation”, meaning that political power is held by a few subjugating the majority...  Photo Credits: Dominic Alves
(English) Thematic Areas:
Democratising democracy

(English) What Counts as 'Women's Human Rights'? How Brazilian Black Women's and Feminist NGOs Mobilize International Human Rights Law

(English) Researcher name: Cecília Macdowell Santos
(English) In the last twenty years, human rights and women's NGOs have increasingly been engaged in transnational legal mobilization as a strategy to promote (women's) human rights policies and norms...
(English) Thematic Areas:
Human rights and other grammars of human dignity

(English) Southern Bodies in Northern Wars: Disability as Testimony of Violence

(English) Researcher name: Bruno Sena Martins
(English) The following project will analyse experiences and reflexions of disabled persons as constructive testimonies for a social critique, particularly in what concerns former combatants of Portuguese Colonial War (1961-1974) and victims of the Bhopal Disaster (1984)...  Photo Credits: Luca Frediani
(English) Thematic Areas:
Human rights and other grammars of human dignity

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