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Spicing Life, Unpacking Struggles: Food Knowledges, Food Rights and The Possibilities of Counterhegemonic Intercultural Translation

Researcher name: Maria Paula Meneses

This project aims to amplify counter-hegemonic and post-colonial possibilities concerning human rights, by exploring the epistemological potential of foodwork/foodmaking as a ‘contact zone’,
a) towards a new mapping of knowledges, beyond the abyssal line separating the global North from the global South and,
b) as an element for the grammar of intercultural translation concerning political struggles involving multiple actors and movements, and stemming from experiences of the global South.
By potentializing the ecology of knowledges, the goal is to work-out the epistemic potential of knowledges involved in production/consumption of food in the Indian ocean (India and Mozambique), opening new categories of questioning, and widening this system’s potential to clarify traditional philosophical questions (for instance, the concept of being). It further deals with important subjects of political economy –  for example, agro-toxics – food security/sovereignty politics, etc.

Keywords: Cognitive Justice; Kitchen, Markets and Cooking; Intercultural Translation; Indian Ocean; Epistemologies of the South; Human Rights
Countries of reference: India, Mozambique