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‘Women InPower Women’: The Art of The Ku Patsa: Justice, Dignity and Good Living in Non-Capitalist Socio-Economical Women’s Strategies

Researcher name: Teresa Cunha

‘Women InPower Women’ states for the epistemological principle of the impossibility of the totalitarian hegemony of one over the pluriversal experiences of the world. This research project aims to discern, comprehend, analyze and get lessons from women’s social and economical practices that are resisting and operating against the contemporary hegemony of neoliberal thought and its compulsion of dispossession and dismantling of hope, demo-democracy and human dignity.
Having the Boaventura de Sousa Santos analyses and works on the Epistemologies of the South and a post-colonial feminist sociological approach as the main theoretical field, I aim at the first place, to identify and mobilize dystopian narratives about the idea of totality and inevitability of the system. Secondly, I want to discern and analyse alternatives that preserve demcratic memories, practices and environments; and the educational strategies for participative decision processes that are infra-structuring the paradigmatic changes, which are being engendered.
Having Mozambique as the starting point, I wish to discuss the contemporary democratic emergences through an analytical focus based on women’s non-capitalist socio-economical strategies influenced by the ku patsa.

Keywords: Epistemologies of the South, Other Economies; Post-Colonial Feminisms; Southern Africa; Human Dignity
Countries of reference: Mozambique, South Africa