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Boaventura being interviewed by Jean-Marc Coicaud, the director of the United Nations University Office

An interview for the United Nations University made available in the UNU official channel last September. Prof. Boaventura had the chance to depict ALICE. The interview started under the topic of the reinvention of social emancipation as a call for new ideas. Living in a world that is full of innovation implies that we should uncover new knowledges. That signifies overcoming the western cannon and move forward. Furthermore not only the problems faced by the west should me addressed the social sciences. Diversity is here presented as an encouragement for action. Blending science, politics and culture must be an option, while respecting core societal principles (e.g. democracy). This interview is a plea for change and we are very glad to have the opportunity to share this document. You may now watch it in more detail.