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A new social and economic common sense seems to be emerging pointing to post-capitalistic and post-developmentalist futures paradigms in non-utopian terms, that is, by translating these visions into concrete political agendas. Grassroots organizations and citizens’ initiatives have been launching social experiments that aim to build alternatives to capitalist infinite accumulation and environmental degradation. They cover such diverse fields as cooperatives, fair trade, barter economy, time-sharing and exchange, solidaristic economy, degrouwth economy, social currencies, reciprocal investment and lend networks, social markets, care economies. These initiatives are giving rise to new fields of scientific research and gradually enter the public opinion debates. The trend need a broader scope and international outlook, multiple opportunities for social experimentation in order to become a central factor to overcome the present absence of equity, human dignity and social justice.

Below, some contributions to expand the discussion.



‘Women InPower Women’: The Art of The Ku Patsa: Justice, Dignity and Good Living in Non-Capitalist Socio-Economical Women’s StrategiesSaying no to Absences, Saying yes to Emergencies: from Solidarity Markets to Indigenous Exchange CircuitsUnder The Razor's Edge: State-Society Relations – Advances, Retreats and Contradictions Amidst Possibilities of State Reform – The Case of The Brazilian State (2003-2013)

Other contributions

Solidarity Economy: presentation



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