1.Who can participate in the colloquium ?


2. What are the working languages of the colloquium ?


3. What kind of proposals can be submitted for presentation ?


4. How do I submit a paper or a poster ?


5. What is the maximum limit of words for the abstract ?


6. What is the deadline for submission of proposals ?


7. How do I know if my proposal was accepted ?


8. After the proposal is accepted, until when must I send the complete paper ?


9. May participants submit more than one proposal during the Colloquium ?


10. Will the papers be published? Where will they be published ?


11. Where Colloquium will take place ?


12. Where will the participants be accommodated ?


13. Will I have access to the internet during the colloquium ?


14. Will I be entitled to a certificate of participation ?


15. Until when can I register and what is the deadline for payment ?


16. Does the registration fee include accommodation ?


17. Does the registration fee include meals ?


18. Will I receive a confirmation when payment is concluded ?


19. Can I request documentation for visa purposes and support funding ?


20. How can I access information about the cultural program of the colloquium ?