Regular Accomodation


The Organizing Committee has negotiated the following rates with local hotels:

Hotel Astoria – Coimbra

Rates per night (including breakfast): Single Standard (49€) / Double Standard (59€)
Please mention ‘CES – ALICE INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM’ and the accorded rate: Single 45€ and Double 55€.
Book directly with: / Deadline for reservation: 01/06/2014

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Almedina Coimbra Hotel

Rates per night (including breakfast and free wi-fi) : Single Standard (37€) / Double Standard (49€)
Please mention ‘CES – ALICE INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM’ and the accorded rate: Single 37€ and Double 49€.
Book directly with:

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Hotel Tivoli – Coimbra

Rates per night (including breakfast): Single Standard (59€) / Double Standard (69€)
Please mention ‘CES – ALICE INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM’ and the accorded rate: Single 59€ and Double 69€.
Book directly with: / Deadline for reservation: 29/06/2014

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Reservations for accommodation and or airline travel may be made online via the Caravelatur Travel Agency. Further information will be available on the e-mail and website:;

Low-Budget Accomodation


Concerned with issues of exclusion, inequalities as well as with possible alternatives and taking into account the global economic crisis in which precarity has become a worldwide reality affecting more and more people, the Organizing Committee of the ALICE INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM has put efforts to offer low-budget accommodation for all participants seeking alternative styles in housing.

Accomodation in student houses

SASUC, the Social Affairs Department of the University of Coimbra, will offer accommodation in Student Houses (in shared rooms) at the fare of 10€ per person per night for the nights between July 9th and July 13th, 2014 (check-out by noon on the 13th). A limited number of rooms (15 places for women and 15 for men) will be provided in the Residência POLO III . Due to the limited number of rooms they will be attributed in a first-come-first-served basis. To the total sum of the accommodation a deposit fee will be added. The result value will be paid through bank transfer. The deposit value will also be also returned by bank transfer immediately after the check-out, once verified that the room has not been damaged. Further details (as bank accounts and location of the rooms) will be sent to the participants’ email after the booking process is concluded.
Guidelines for Requests for Accommodation in Student Houses
1. Those who are interested must send an email to until June 6th, 2014. No reservations for this typology of accommodation will be accepted after this date.
2. The subject of the email must be “SASUC ACCOMMODATION”.
3. The email must refer name of the requester
4. The email must refer gender of the requester
5. The email must refer nationality of the requester and an ID number/passport number.
6. The email must refer check-in date and check-out date
7. SASUC is solely responsible for the distribution of requesters by rooms and cannot be previously defined by the Organising Committee.

Solidarity Accomodation

A network of “family hospitality” that will offer free-access accommodation services for as many participants as possible, promoting cultural exchange and interaction between people of different cultures – a rewarding experience for everyone – is being created.
If you want to receive participant(s) of the event in your home, please sign up here:
Both the event participants who receive placements and the selected hosts will be notified by the Organizing Committee and receive information concerning the other party. The event participant must then finalize the arrangements for accommodation.
Terms and Conditions:
1. The Organizing Committee of “Cities Are Us” will use the data gathered only to perform the matching between event participants and accommodation hosts. After the parties have contacted one another and “Cities Are Us” is concluded, the Organizing Committee will delete all data collected.
2. The Organizing Committee will only serve as an intermediary between the parties, facilitating contact between event participants and accommodation hosts.
3. The Organizing Committee accepts no obligation in assuring accommodation for every request.  Requests will be satisfied in accordance to the limits of supply and demand.
4. The Organizing Committee accepts no liability or costs that may result from the stay/accommodation for the participants or the hosts receiving them.
5. Any special conditions should be arranged directly between the parties without the intermediation of the Organizing Committee, after the matching.
6. The Organizing Committee undertakes to notify event participants in advance whether or not there is a possibility of accommodation in the Housing Solidarity Network, to allow them sufficient time to find alternative accommodations.
7. Event participants must preserve the space that is made available to them by their hosts.
8. The hosts should receive the event participants with dignity and with care for their comfort.


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