Summer School

To be held between June 30 and July 8, 2014, the Summer School Learning from the global south: towards intercultural translations is part of a broader political and intellectual initiative – the ALICE project. At its origin, the ALICE project seeks to rethink and renew the social-scientific knowledge in light of the Epistemologies of the South, aiming to develop new theoretical paradigms and political transformations.

The expression Epistemologies of the South brings the South as a metaphor for the suffering, exclusion and silencing of peoples and cultures that have been object of capitalist and colonial violence. The colonialism has boasted of its historical, political and cultural domination, by submitting its ethno-centric knowledge to the world, the meaning of life and the social practices stating after all, a single ontology, a single epistemology, a single ethics, a single thought and its imposition as universal.


In contrast to the intellectual and political exhaustion of global North, the global South, in all its diversity, assumes itself today a vast field of economic, social, cultural and political innovation.


This summer school, living up to learning with/from the South, seeks to provide insights about the possibilities of social, political and institutional transformation from innovations taking place in various contexts in the Global South.

The program will be structured in two main axes of dialogue with the conceptual and metaphorical expression of the Epistemologies of the South:

  • Study of the reasons that led to the elimination of the political and cultural contexts of production of knowledge and its consequences;
  • Deepening the idea that the world is epistemologically diverse, with possibilities of assertion of alternative epistemologies as openings to other epistemic challenges.


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